Customized Corporate Wellness Plan

Having employees complaining of chronic diseases is nothing new in workplaces. Many of them are preventable if they are guided towards adopting a holistic approach to life. This is what I offer in my Corporate Wellness Advise in Nagpur. Through it I help organizations to cultivate healthy habits amid employees to enhance health outcomes, and at the same time improving their productivity, thus optimizing human resource investments and boosting employee motivation.

As employees spend a large part of their day in the workplace these days, work life balance is becoming increasingly complex issue to handle. Hence for every good office adopting a corporate wellness program plays a great role in not only retaining your employees but also be at the top of their game. This initiative has proved highly influential for my clients to educate employees on the importance of maintaining and leading a healthy life.

Tailored For Individuals

I don’t offer one-size-fits-all solution to corporates; my plans are created separately for each individual.

Enhances Reputation

Organizations that hire wellness & diet advisor for employees carve a better reputation for themselves in the market.

Healthy Employees

Employees looked after by their employers are happy employees promise better loyalty & performance.

Easy to Connect

HR employee or anyone from office can contact me to get the basic idea about diet for overall wellness.

Our Nutrition Trainer

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