Customized Family Wellness Plan

I am your dietitian in Nagpur, helping to customize diet for entire family at individual level to improve health, happiness, and work productivity.

My nutrition advice is patient-centered which I specially devise based on his/her health history, health goals, gender, and age etc. I explain the science behind common dietary misconceptions and work with patients to optimize and rectify their nutritional patterns in the course of treatment.

I sit with the entire family as well as individually with each one of them to understand each member’s goals and health history and then work out a family friendly meal plan, offer healthy replacement choices, all within budget to help everyone keep up with it and attain their individual health goals to lead a healthy, active, and productive life.


Healthy eating is all about having wholesome meals with the family at home. Healthy foods and food sustainability are important for me.


I am all for the fact that nutrition is important at each stage of development from birth to old age.

Infants & Children

I dispel food and nutrition myths and improve knowledge of parents when they consult me for their little ones


I can suggest right diet for your child’s growth & development.  If she suffers from condition that impacts her eating, I can help

Our Nutrition Trainer

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