Customized Kids Wellness Plan

Kids who eat right are more alert in class, grasp better, are active in physical activities and have a better temperament. A child who eats nutritious and balanced food will also become a responsible adult and face mental and emotional problems better. Depression and other bad influences will not touch a healthy child. When parents meet me for setting up healthy diet plan for their child, I get them to answer many questions and discover many few surprising facts. We also discuss modern demands and variety of foods available.

I first understand a child’s health, deficiencies, and lifestyle and then create a diet plan. I may need parents help to devise and optimize the diet plan for maximum benefits. I ensure parents that what I suggest will not be dull; won’t take too much work on the part of parents and will be within budget. It will be easy to follow and the child will be able to follow it independently without supervision.

Get Ready

Parents will need to get organized to introduce & introduce a change in diet routine in the family.  You can do it!

Predominantly Indian

All the items in your kids’ diet list can be easily sourced from our local markets. Seasonal things with interesting twists!

Easy to Follow

The diet plan I devise will be interesting and easy to follow for the child as well as parents.

You Don’t Have a Choice

Every parent has to understand that healthy diet means more than just falling ill.

Our Nutrition Trainer

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