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We often get stressed around negative people or when we see negative behavior. We try various things to not get affected by it or hold ourselves from reacting in untowardly manner. As Pranic healer based in Nagpur, I invite you to book one consultancy session with me to get introduced to skills with which you can attract positive energy during such times to protect yourself from such people, situation, and behavior.

My primary focus will be on teaching you pranayama technique leading to meditation.  I believe that a person who meditates, functions in daily life with more effectiveness and efficiency. This state will also help you to receive healing energies that I divert towards you to heal and feel at peace. With practice and dedication you can take your meditation practice to a deeper and higher level. My Pranic Healing lessons in Nagpur help my clients feel undeniably lighter.

Heal Your Life

Feel drained of energy in some situations, with some people, and typical behavior? Power is around and within, wake up!


Moment of undistracted quiet will help you to connect with this energy and create a source of it

Feel the Energy

We are surrounded by good energies; it takes some practice and some positivity to feel it


Once the good energy fountain starts your life prospers physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.

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